My Year in Photos: 7 Feb – 23 March

My Year in Photos: 7 Feb - 23 March

Clockwise from the top:
17 Feb – Andrew playing Roman dress-up
13 Mar – Sunset
15 Feb – Happy Valentines Day!
21 Feb – Happy EPs! I survived my first day at Max, and Andrew got a kitchen job!
13 Mar – Think its time for some new #chucks…
23 Mar – Shame my phone can’t pick up the beautiful red colours, it was prettier in person
17 Feb – Checking out Roman machines at the museum with two of my favourite people
12 Mar – Perfect roasted chicken and vegetables
7 Feb – Yep, so this pretty much sums up our day!
15 Feb – All good road trips begin with a stop at the golden arches…

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My Year in Photos: Jan 1-12


Jan 1 – Beautiful Auckland sunset to kick off the New Year!
Jan 2 – Busy day at Mission Bay beach
Jan 3 – Best way to spend a windy day inside!
Jan 4 – Relaxing at the park by the beach 🙂
Jan 5 – My view for the day 🙂 love lazy Sundays!
Jan 6 – Not a cloud in the sky today! No filter needed for this one…
Jan 7 – Hello from Bay of Islands! Off on an overnight cruise, an early birthday present from my husband ❤
Jan 8 – Sunrise in Orokawa Bay
Jan 9 – Penguins!
Jan 10 – On a tour of where husband grew up, starting with one of the houses he used to live in!
Jan 11 – Road trip to the Tron
Jan 12 – Stealing kitten cuddles!

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Looking back on ’13

2013 was a great year for me in many ways – I graduated AND got married! – but there were lots of sad and stressful times too.  I’m looking forward to this year being a little more quiet and easy-going, once we finally get settled!

Crafts – As I always do, here is a look back at the crafts I got through in the last 12 months:


1. Andrew’s T-shirt blanket
2. Crochet hexagon blanket (still in progress)
3. Puppy jumper
4. Bec’s T-shirt blanket
5. T&A sign for the head wedding table
6. Wedding invitations
7. Origami flowers – about 200 of them!
8. Wedding table centrepieces – all the jars were decorated with cut-outs, ribbons, sheet music and candles
9. Red shirt refashion
10. Travelling leaves scarf
11. Travelling leaves hat
12. Knitted Christmas tree

Food – I didn’t do a lot of exciting cooking last year while I was living with my parents, but I have a few new favourite recipes that I tried out that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

Reading – I read a pitiful 4 BOOKS. That’s terrible for me! I blame it on the distracting TV in my room!  2014 is already better, but more on that next time.

Wedding – It’s all over, and it feels like it was a really long time ago!  My hands still feel like they need to be making flowers, and I still check my emails more often than I should expecting to hear from vendors, but that will lessen over time! If you haven’t already, go and have a look at some of the photos.  I’m well and truly over weddings now!

Life – Being away from Mr EP for the bulk of the year was a strange feeling, but thanks to Skype we were able to talk almost every night.  A couple of days after graduating we headed to Melbourne for Bec’s wedding, and my parents went away on a Hawaiian cruise for their 30th wedding anniversary! But as well as those exciting times, my family went to 4 funerals last year, (including the minister who ran our pre-marriage sessions and said grace at our wedding – he was taken far too soon…) which really is 4 too many.

Blogging – My top posts for 2013 were Origami Flowers (still at number 1!), DIY Butterfly Sleeve Tunic, DIY Jewellery Cleaner, DIY T-shirt Blanket, and Apple-Cinnamon Pancake Muffins.  I’m excited about a new style for my blog for 2014, which is in the works!

Farewell ‘13 – bring it on (gently…) ‘14!

Trina xo





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Snapshots of my day

One of my favourite things about reading other people’s blogs is that I get to see a little into their lives.  In case you’re the same, I thought I would show off moments in my day, by taking a picture occasionally – it started out as every hour, then I had to go to the airport, then I was distracted by puppy madness!

Vegemite toast - breakfast of champions 🙂

A post shared by Trina Edward-Paul (@ballatrina) on

^ 10am: Vegemite toast – breakfast of champions 🙂

What is a cup of tea without a Gingernut to dunk!

A post shared by Trina Edward-Paul (@ballatrina) on

^ 11am: What is a cup of tea without a Gingernut to dunk!

^ 12pm: I hate DPNs! But I am braving it because my puppy needs a new winter coat 🙂

^ 1pm: My favourite quick and easy lunch – scrambled eggs on toast with salt, pepper, paprika and a little cheese 🙂

Bundled up to brave the storm outside!

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^ 2pm: Bundled up to brave the storm outside!

Yay Andrew is here!

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^ 3pm: Yay Andrew is here!

Making good progress with my puppy sweater!

A post shared by Trina Edward-Paul (@ballatrina) on

^ 5pm: Making good progress with my puppy sweater!

Dinner time! 🙂

A post shared by Trina Edward-Paul (@ballatrina) on

^ 7pm: Dinner time! 🙂

Dessert and Shortland Street feature episode! Good times 🙂

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^ 8pm: Dessert and Shortland Street feature episode! Good times 🙂

Cuddles with these cuties 🙂

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^ 9pm: Cuddles with these cuties 🙂

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Happy Blogiversary!

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you for the last couple of months, but I couldn’t let this week end without celebrating our five year anniversary!  Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

ballatrina banner
The original Ballatrina’s Knitting blog header

With my first post in May 2008, I announced my new blog “Ballatrina’s Knitting and Other Bits and Bobs”, which would be used to document my entry back into the world of knitting.  Although there were a few disasters in the beginning, my knitting came a long way in a short time.  As well as my knitting progress, we also shared some big life moments, as well as a few new flats, which also helped uncover just how much my yarn stash had grown in a few months!

misc 001
The knitting project that inspired it all!

Over time we also talked about books, and then sewing, and then a tour of local restaurants under the title “Monday Meal Madness” (interesting aside – the guy who used to meet me for dinner in these excursions was at the time a fellow youth leader – and he’s now my brother-in-law!).  Ballatrina’s Knitting continued documenting my crafting, reading and eating until November 2009, when I made the decision to hand in my resignation at work, and make the move north to further my studies.

Blog head March13
The latest version of the Musical Butterfly blog header

It was at this time that I thought the ol’ blog better grow up a little too, so we left Ballatrina’s Knitting, and started up with Musical Butterfly.  Using a new platform, we planned to continue with similar content, but also document the trials and tribulations of being a student in their mid 20s.  What ended up happening was less posting (with an increase of assignments, practise sessions and exam prep!) and while it took a little while to settle into what this Musical Butterfly would become, there were good times along the way – including falling in love! (While we are celebrating our five years together, Andrew and I are celebrating our three years together – and 171 days until our big day!).

My first FO while studying – and Andrew’s first appearance as a model!

Both crafting and reading have continued, but since I no longer had time for Monday Meal Madness – and I’d left my eating buddy in another city – the new ‘Foods’ section was born, as I tried out all kinds of new recipes while discovering a love of cooking.  Our next venture together – planning a wedding!  I’ve also taken a liking to reading style and fashion blogs as I work out my personal style while transitioning into this next stage of my life, so there may be a bit of that popping up too.

Happy 5 years, blog!  Looking forward to discovering what the next five years will look like!

Trina xo

PS: Thanks to those who have joined us along the way, your support has been much appreciated 🙂



I may be a little late off the mark, but happy new year!  My friends are calling 2013 “the year of change”, and it seems like that will apply to me as well.

Before I explain more, I want recap 2012:

Musical Butterfly - 2012 craftsTop row: T-shirt market bag, laptop sleeve, crochet blankets, origami flowers

Bottom row: iPad sleeve, balaclava, butterfly tunic, February Lady Sweater

(Check out previous year’s round ups here)

As well as all this craftiness, I’ve also managed to read (at least) 20 books, and it also looks like I’m becoming a bit of a foodie!

As for blogging, my top five posts from 2012 were Origami flowers, DIY Jewellery Cleaner, Apple-Cinnamon Pancake Muffins, The story of the proposal, and FO: February Lady Sweater.

εїз  –  εїз   –  εїз 

Although 2012 was quite a big year for me, I have a feeling 2013 will be even better. I turn 28 this year, I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Music in March, AND I’m getting married in 292 days! (Be prepared for DIY wedding ideas popping up in a little while as I slowly get things ready).  I’m also using this time to change my personal style, which I may also show off from time to time.  This has meant a giant clean-out of my old clothes – I already have 5 rubbish bags ready to go to the Salvation Army!

In the short term, things will remain the same – I have a couple of new crafts to show you, as well as a few new books I picked up over Christmas.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂


It’s oh so quiet…

I hope you don’t mind things being quiet here for a little bit longer, I’m SO CLOSE to finishing my music degree – four more weeks of assignments and exams to go!  After three years of full time study (read about the start of it all here) it’s going to be weird to not have assignments – thank goodness I have my wedding to plan!

I appreciate your patience and support over the next few weeks, I promise I’ll be back soon 🙂

Here’s a video to keep you entertained in my absence – one of my fellow students sang this in her exam recently and it was brilliant!


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