Origami flowers

I’ve been thinking about the idea of substituting real flowers for paper flowers at my wedding, to cut down on costs.  Let me know what you think…

To try it out I used a pile of old sheet music to make lillies, which we were already thinking about for the flowers.  I also liked the look of the carambola flowers, and though slightly tricky the first time they got easier to make.


P1040523 P1040524 P1040526 P1040527


Here’s the YouTube tutorial for the lillies, and here for the carambola flowers (yes its in German, but you can still follow what she does!)

When I get some glue and find some more time I want to try out these kusudama flowers – this bouquet with the buttons, and this one made out of sheet music – maybe even make them into a traditional kusudama ball for the ends of the aisles like this!  Here’s the tutorial I found at Folding Trees.

Stay tuned for more sheet music crafts, I have lots left over!


9 thoughts on “Origami flowers

  1. They’re beautiful! I want to make a whole bouquet of those flowers now!

    I made a section of a kusudama flower last night, using the instructions on Folding Trees. I didn’t make the ball because my first section was not only too large but also not particularly even, so I want to get some more practice before I tackle a larger project. But it was still fun to make, and I really like the look of the flower.

    I anticipate much more origami in both of our futures!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! Yeah I have to look into how to actually make them into a bouquet… I think I have a lot more playing around to do with different sizes and stuff before I settle on something I’ll be happy with. So yes, a lot more origami in the future!

  2. I recently discovered the kusudama and am addicted. I taught my 10 yr old, Emma-Leigh and she taught her entire class in a craft session. I am taking an events decorating class at present and was also asked to teach one session on this flower. We are doing some amazing things with the kusudama in class. I’m doing a bridal bouquet, while others are being very creative with it. If there is any way I can post the pics, I will. Emma-Leigh also made a candle holder/ centerpiece from newspaper.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for your message! I would love to see some photos of your kusudama bridal bouquet, I’m having trouble figuring out how it would all stick together…

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