Goals for 2010

Student Loan approved, accommodation organised (for the first few months at least!) – all that is left to do before starting my course is to buy school supplies and pack!

Before my year really gets started, I thought it fitting to start this blog off with my goals for the year.  I have purposefully made it a short list, with goals that are achievable and easy to measure, not setting my standards too high in case study ends up taking over! They are listed on the right, so you can click on the links to check out my progress.

So, without further ado… the list!

~   ~   ~   ~

  • Carry out regular destashes/cleanouts

After moving so many times in the last few years, I discovered that I have an awful lot of junk! My aim is to cull as much as possible, as often as possible, to get rid of what I don’t need anymore, and stop living in the past by holding on to things that no longer mean anything.

  • Complete 12 craft projects this year

With doing full-time study this year, my crafting time will be limited, but my plan is to at least get 12 projects finished this year – one per month, and either new ones or finishing WIPs.

  • Memorise 12 bible verses

This is something that will help with my study as well as everyday life. My plan is to memorise one a month by writing them on post-it notes and sticking them around the flat!

  • Read more novels

This was also one of my 2009 goals, so i’m just continuing that. My original goal was to read more ‘intellectual’ books, but that proved too restricting and I felt guilty reading books that weren’t like that even though I enjoyed them more, so now its just as many enjoyable novels as I can, in between study!

  • Say ‘yes’ as much as possible

I have found myself missing out on too many oppotunities by saying no, just because i’m scared and don’t know what to expect – so my goal is to experience more out of life by saying yes more often!

  • Take as many photos as possible!

Last year I tried out the 365 photos thing, and failed after a couple of months. This year, I don’t want to give myself strict guidelines and feel disappointed when I missed a day, but I still want to take photos in an effort to approve my ability. I’m hoping to set up a ‘Foto Friday’ to document what photos i’ve taken during the week.

~   ~   ~   ~

I’d love you to leave me a comment to let me know what you think, and maybe share a few of your 2010 goals!

~Trina ~