How to: Spa day at home

I treated myself to a spa day a little while ago, and I thought i’d share with you what I did, in case you feel like pampering to cheer you up in this miserable weather!

 photo P1030183_zpsac4f6c03.jpg
(I’m not paid to endorse the brands, just feel like sharing what works for me!)


  • Shampoo/Conditioner – Sunsilk Long and Strong

Not shown here, but i’m growing my hair out at the moment so I’m trying this out. So far so good, and it smells nice too!

I found this on TradeMe a while ago and i’ve used it several times – its amazing! My hair always feels so soft after I use it, as I imagine it would after a treatment at a hair dressers.  Highly recommended!


I do this step while my hair treatment is in, and I usually do the oil cleansing OR use a face scrub, not both.  The oil treatment, as odd as it sounds, makes my face feel really smooth, and the website offers tips to customise your mix of castor oil and olive oil depending on your skin type.  I have  regular skin with an oily t-zone, and a 50/50 mix seems to work well for me.  I usually use the face scrub once a week, and the oil cleansing once a month.

UPDATE: While having my makeup professionally done for a wedding I was told my skin was both very oily and really dry – somehow at the same time! So I’m taking a break from this oil treatment until my skin finds its happy place again.  What have your results been if you’ve tried it?


The final step of my pampering is a nice foot spa while doing a manicure, using the electric nail care set I got for my birthday a few years ago.  The brand is Sunbeam, but I don’t think you can get them anymore.  As for nail polish, the last one I brought that I use all the time is Revlon brand, a single coat usually lasts a week or so, with touch-ups the next week.  I do need to find a good base coat and top coat though, to make it last longer.

~ ~ ~ ~

DIY cosmetics

I haven’t tried this yet but I stumbled across the website and it looks fantastic, i’ll definitely be trying it next time. I love the thought of being able to make your own treatments from what you have in the pantry!

~ ~ ~ ~

Let me know if you try any of these treatments – or if you have a few of your own home remedies to share, I love trying new things out!


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