The story of the proposal…

For those of you who don’t know (though if you’re on Facebook you couldn’t have missed it!) – Andrew and I got engaged on the weekend!

From Drop Box

I had been helping out with catering at a wedding with Becs during the day, and our plan was to go out for cocktails that night.  When we’d finished at the wedding we went back to her place to doll ourselves up, then popped into see mum and dad and have something to eat before heading into town.  While mum was fixing my dress, I felt hands come around my middle! I turned around and thought, “oh, its Andrew”, because he hugs me like that often – only to do a double-take and think, “OH – ITS ANDREW!” I wasn’t expecting to see him at all!

It turned out he’d flown down during the afternoon and was waiting for me to come home so he could take me out, since it was my birthday the next day.  We were driven into town and ended up at Soi, a beautiful restaurant on the Wellington waterfront.  He’d booked us a quiet little table for two, tucked in the corner with the best view of the harbour. Amazing food! And he’d even brought a bottle of champagne with him!  Once we’d finished eating we sat talking for a while – unbeknown to me, he was waiting for all the other diners to leave! Once the restaurant was quiet he said, “well, there’s another reason I wanted to take you out tonight…” and came round to my chair, got on one knee and asked me to marry him! Yay!  I said yes, of course, and when we got home after a nice little walk along the waterfront, my family was waiting for us with more champagne. Such a great night, it was perfect! As for the ring, it’s a princess-cut 1.2 carot diamond, with four smaller diamonds on each side, set in 12 carot white gold (and if you look at it upside down, the claws are in the shape of an A!)

For my birthday we went out for a big family dinner, then went back to the waterfront afterwards for an impromptu engagement photo shoot – here are some of my favourites; photo credit to Becs.