FOs: ‘Molly’ cowl and ‘Perfect Imperfection’ blanket

Here are some photos I owe you of a couple of knitting projects I finished a while ago.

Molly cowl

Molly cowl

Remember the disastrous Molly hat I made a while ago? It’s now been turned into a cowl! Its so soft and snuggly, I can’t wait to wear it tucked under a nice winter jacket.

Perfect Imperfection - Log Cabin Blanket

(click to make it bigger and see some other photos)

I finished this blanket exactly one year after I started it (watch it grow – here, here, and here). I’m calling it ‘perfect imperfection’ because its definitely not perfect – I didn’t bother weaving in any other the ends as you can see bottom right, with this bulky yarn it would have been too hard; it didn’t block out particularly well; and the middle section isn’t in the middle, its slightly off-center because I picked up the rows on the wrong side at the start – but because of that its perfect just for me!  Its awesome as a knee rug for when i’m curled up watching a movie on the couch 🙂

More posts to come this week! I’ve got my favourite recipe to share with you, as well as what I got up to over the Easter weekend.  Meanwhile, I have to get back to essay writing!


4 thoughts on “FOs: ‘Molly’ cowl and ‘Perfect Imperfection’ blanket

  1. Yes, I remember that Molly hat, how could I forget, haha… (and I still feel responsible!) glad to see you’ve made it into a cowl, looks great btw 🙂

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t say you’re responsible, more of an inspiration to get it right next time 🙂 And i’m glad the weather is packing in so I finally get a chance to wear it!

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