DIY Butterfly Sleeve Tunic

P1050122 - Copy Just thought I would share with you all this super easy top that I made! The fabric is knit – I picked it up from the Spotlight remnants section for $3.50.  That’s the total cost of the whole project: $3.50!

I knew I needed to base the sizing on an existing top, but other than that it was all very much trial and error! The major error being that I cut the neckline too wide, so much so that it stretched right down over my shoulders! Quick fix: I used the fabric left from the cut-out to make a little collar that I re-attached.  Note to self – cut small first, then cut more if you need to! A minor error was that when I sewed the lines down the sides I did them too close together, so I couldn’t get the bottom of the tunic over my hips! Not-so-quick fix: I pinned out a wider seam, UNPICKED the existing seam and sewed it again.  Note to self – allow for 1” either side more than you need!



Result: LOVE! Its loose enough around my chest that its not constricting, and snug enough around my hips that its flattering.  Perfect for a cocktail night out, over a black singlet and a pair of leggings.

Favourite photos of the night – being a poser with Becs before she smothered me in a bear hug!


Anyone interested in a tutorial? I’d love to have an excuse to make another one of these!