FREE hat patterns to keep you warm this winter!

It’s getting cold in Wellington – time to knit some hats! Mr. EP requested a new one for him, since the last one I made is in storage – and with plenty of leftover yarn I thought I’d make one for me too.  They were super quick – the beret was done in a day!

I didn’t follow a pattern for these, I just based them off patterns I’ve made in the past, but as a couple of people have asked about what I did I thought I’d write them down and share them.  The pattern assumes you know basic knitting skills and terminology, as well as knitting in the round and either using DPNs or magic loop.  If you find any errors please let me know so I can correct them.

Basic Ribbed Beanie (see my Ravelry project page HERE)

Basic Ribbed Beanie pic

Basic Beret (see my Ravelry project page HERE)

Basic Beret pic
(Please excuse the low-quality phone photos!)

Hope these help you to keep warm this winter!


Looking back on ’13

2013 was a great year for me in many ways – I graduated AND got married! – but there were lots of sad and stressful times too.  I’m looking forward to this year being a little more quiet and easy-going, once we finally get settled!

Crafts – As I always do, here is a look back at the crafts I got through in the last 12 months:


1. Andrew’s T-shirt blanket
2. Crochet hexagon blanket (still in progress)
3. Puppy jumper
4. Bec’s T-shirt blanket
5. T&A sign for the head wedding table
6. Wedding invitations
7. Origami flowers – about 200 of them!
8. Wedding table centrepieces – all the jars were decorated with cut-outs, ribbons, sheet music and candles
9. Red shirt refashion
10. Travelling leaves scarf
11. Travelling leaves hat
12. Knitted Christmas tree

Food – I didn’t do a lot of exciting cooking last year while I was living with my parents, but I have a few new favourite recipes that I tried out that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

Reading – I read a pitiful 4 BOOKS. That’s terrible for me! I blame it on the distracting TV in my room!  2014 is already better, but more on that next time.

Wedding – It’s all over, and it feels like it was a really long time ago!  My hands still feel like they need to be making flowers, and I still check my emails more often than I should expecting to hear from vendors, but that will lessen over time! If you haven’t already, go and have a look at some of the photos.  I’m well and truly over weddings now!

Life – Being away from Mr EP for the bulk of the year was a strange feeling, but thanks to Skype we were able to talk almost every night.  A couple of days after graduating we headed to Melbourne for Bec’s wedding, and my parents went away on a Hawaiian cruise for their 30th wedding anniversary! But as well as those exciting times, my family went to 4 funerals last year, (including the minister who ran our pre-marriage sessions and said grace at our wedding – he was taken far too soon…) which really is 4 too many.

Blogging – My top posts for 2013 were Origami Flowers (still at number 1!), DIY Butterfly Sleeve Tunic, DIY Jewellery Cleaner, DIY T-shirt Blanket, and Apple-Cinnamon Pancake Muffins.  I’m excited about a new style for my blog for 2014, which is in the works!

Farewell ‘13 – bring it on (gently…) ‘14!

Trina xo





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Oh, Knitted Tree!

Oh Knitted Tree

Think “Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!”

So, this was a spur of the moment project (aka: procrastination from packing up my room!), but at least it’s practical!  When we’re in Melbourne for Christmas we usually like to stay in a hotel in the city to have some family time with just us before catching up with extended family.  This means we usually have to go without any Christmas-y decoration for Christmas morning, which just won’t do.  We’ve taken to trying to find some kind of tree ornament on sale that we can surround with presents.  This year, to save us from tears joining the crazy hordes of last-minute Christmas shoppers, I’m getting organised!


I was inspired by this pin, and decided to use this free pattern on Ravelry to make it a little different.  Mine are all sewn together rather than individually hung, so it stretches a bit when it’s hanging up, but a bit of blue tack fixes that!  I will eventually get around to making a star to put on the top, but this will do in the meantime…


Something about this picture makes me think of dancing trees – just look at the personality of those bottom corner ones! He he he…

This will be a pretty background for Christmas dinner with the neighbours tomorrow night, along with the magazine trees I made last year.


Tutorial coming soon!  If you’re looking to make these, fatter magazines work best.  The bigger tree with the star is a Next Magazine, and the smaller one is an Avon catalogue!

If you’re looking for ways to have a crafty tree this Christmas, check out my suggestions on Pinterest:

If you’re away for Christmas too, check out these stick-on trees you could take with you – here and here.

Have a look at my “I ❤ Holidays!” board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Merry Christmas!

Trina xo

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Busy butterfly!

Although things have been a bit quiet on the blog, life has been pretty busy! With so much going on I thought I’d catch you up in one go.  SO – there’s been lots of…

  • Crocheting…

Making a hexagon blanket from this pattern.  No recipient in mind, just a good acrylic stash-busting project!  I plan on adding a border of cream hexagons to match the individual borders.


  • Knitting…

I made a hat to match this shrug pattern a couple of years ago, but it got snatched away by my sis almost as soon as it came off the needles! I finally got around to making myself another one, with a matching scarf.

Knitting 2013

And this – since it’s getting pretty cold here, our new puppy has been feeling it!  More photos to come soon, but project details here.


  • Reading…

I got this pile of books from my almost-sister-in-law as a late birthday present! I’ve started on “Along Came A Spider” – great so far, as to be expected from one of my favourite authors.


  • Sewing…

This t-shirt blanket has been on the books for ages! This was supposed to be a Christmas present for sis, then a birthday present, then Christmas present again the following year, and it’s finally been completed – and it was well received!

Pre-sewn: I used a favourite book from childhood as a template for cutting out all her childhood t-shirts…


After sewing: I used a flannel blanket for extra padding in the middle, with a cute chunky hem, just the right size for a double bed!


  • Wedding prep…

13 weeks to go, and still SO MUCH to do!  Much of my wedding is DIY, so there’s been lots of cutting…


… folding…


… and sheet music cut-outs!


When things settle down a bit, I’d really like to take on another challenge and get into some style posts, but in the meantime, you can check out these favourites that I read all the time – they are great inspiration!

Or check out my “My Style” Pinterest board to see what I love!


PS: since it’s the beginning of the month I’ve updated my Popular Posts on the side bar – who knew my “Snapshots of my day” post would be my second most popular post in the last month! Should I do another one?

FO: Balaclava

So its getting colder around here – winter has well and truly settled. If you have to ride your scooter to work at night, like Mr EP does, then you get a cooooold face!  Solution: knitting, of course.    After hunting around on Ravelry I came across a pattern which looked like it would work.

Balaclava for a scooter

Link to project page and pattern on Ravelry

I used just over one ball of 8ply for this.  Even though I got them from the same place at the same time, there is a huge difference in the colour – which we only just noticed when we were taking the photos!  The modelled shots are closer to the actual colour, and you can see its not so noticeable in person.

Balaclava for a scooter

Balaclava for a scooter

Balaclava for a scooter

Unfortunately I had to change the pattern a bit at the end – the gap was way too big.  First I added a row of crochet along the bottom and sides of the gap, hoping to tighten it up a bit.  Didn’t make much difference.  I ended up bringing the sides in to meet each other with a few sneaky stitches.  Its easy to spot if you know what to look for, but not really that obvious when he’s wearing it.  If I was to make this again, I would have less rows back and forth, and bind off less stitches.

Still on the needles

I’ve finished the back of the cricket vest, and I’ve done the ribbing and one pattern repeat of the front… Still plenty of time to finish it – cricket season doesn’t start until November!

Cricket vest in progress

Dragon Skirt

If you live in Hamilton and like to sew*, then you should discover Dave’s Emporium on Hood St (if you’re in Wellington it’s called Pete’s Emporium in Porirua).  I’ve told Andrew “if I ever go missing and you can’t find me, try looking at the wall of buttons, i’ll probably be there!”  I have a thing for collecting buttons… not that I use them for all that much, but its come in handy occasionally.

Anyway, aside from Dave’s impressive button collection, they also have a decent selection of fabrics – although they appear to be in no particular order, so it pays to have some time up your sleeve to just browse for awhile.  When I went there I was on a mission to find some red and white polka dot fabric (which i’ll be able to tell you more about after Christmas) and along the way we found this gorgeous fabric:


As soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to be a skirt, it was just too perfect.  There’s been alot of nice skirt tutorials around lately – like this one – that i’ve been wanting to try for a while, so with that in mind I hunted down some wide elastic (also from Dave’s – they really have everything!) and set about making a skirt:

Dragon skirt

Let me just say that this is the second skirt that I made from the same fabric and elastic.  The first one had to be entirely unpicked, since I took my measurements wrong and it was way too big! But lets not talk about that…

For this skirt I cut half a metre of fabric and after hemming the top and sides I pinned each end to a piece of elastic that was a teeny bit smaller than my waist.  I stretched out the elastic and pinned it in another couple of spots along the elastic, and then stretched it out again to sew it on.  When I had my fabric with elastic along the top, I sewed the two ends together with a 1inch allowance. Then I folded out the 1inch elastic and sewed each side back onto itself to make it flat, as well as ironing out the fabric seam so it didn’t stick out.  Here’s what it looks like on:

Dragon skirt

Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!  Since I got 1metre of fabric I still have some leftover, so i’d like to try a proper circle skirt next, maybe with alternating panels of plain and dragon fabric.  I think this will get alot of wear over summer 🙂

~Trina ~

*if you don’t like to sew I still suggest you go have a look, they don’t only have fabric, its also a great place to go if you need costumes – they have wigs and hats and all that – and lots of other things, its really like a big $2 shop.

PS – I still need some help deciding on my next knitting project! So far we have two votes for Katrina rib and two votes for Vesper.  Here’s the post so you can offer your suggestion.

I made a hat!

FO #1 for 2010 – a beanie for Andrew

Ribbed beanie

Project: Ribbed Beanie [Ravelry link]
Size: 22in
Yarn: Patons Australia Inca, 12ply – Wool, Alpaca, Acrylic
Needles: 5.5mm

RIbbed beanie

Such an easy pattern, just 6×2 ribbing – I made this in about 5 hours!  Andrew liked the colours of this one [Ravelry link] – I did three rows of blue before switching to the grey.  I think the crown decreases look a little bulky but that may just be the yarn.  It is nice and warm though, perfect for a week in Wellington winter.

~Trina ~