My Year in Photos: 7 Feb – 23 March

My Year in Photos: 7 Feb - 23 March

Clockwise from the top:
17 Feb – Andrew playing Roman dress-up
13 Mar – Sunset
15 Feb – Happy Valentines Day!
21 Feb – Happy EPs! I survived my first day at Max, and Andrew got a kitchen job!
13 Mar – Think its time for some new #chucks…
23 Mar – Shame my phone can’t pick up the beautiful red colours, it was prettier in person
17 Feb – Checking out Roman machines at the museum with two of my favourite people
12 Mar – Perfect roasted chicken and vegetables
7 Feb – Yep, so this pretty much sums up our day!
15 Feb – All good road trips begin with a stop at the golden arches…

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My Year in Photos: Jan 1-12


Jan 1 – Beautiful Auckland sunset to kick off the New Year!
Jan 2 – Busy day at Mission Bay beach
Jan 3 – Best way to spend a windy day inside!
Jan 4 – Relaxing at the park by the beach 🙂
Jan 5 – My view for the day 🙂 love lazy Sundays!
Jan 6 – Not a cloud in the sky today! No filter needed for this one…
Jan 7 – Hello from Bay of Islands! Off on an overnight cruise, an early birthday present from my husband ❤
Jan 8 – Sunrise in Orokawa Bay
Jan 9 – Penguins!
Jan 10 – On a tour of where husband grew up, starting with one of the houses he used to live in!
Jan 11 – Road trip to the Tron
Jan 12 – Stealing kitten cuddles!

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Snapshots of my day

One of my favourite things about reading other people’s blogs is that I get to see a little into their lives.  In case you’re the same, I thought I would show off moments in my day, by taking a picture occasionally – it started out as every hour, then I had to go to the airport, then I was distracted by puppy madness!

Vegemite toast - breakfast of champions 🙂

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^ 10am: Vegemite toast – breakfast of champions 🙂

What is a cup of tea without a Gingernut to dunk!

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^ 11am: What is a cup of tea without a Gingernut to dunk!

^ 12pm: I hate DPNs! But I am braving it because my puppy needs a new winter coat 🙂

^ 1pm: My favourite quick and easy lunch – scrambled eggs on toast with salt, pepper, paprika and a little cheese 🙂

Bundled up to brave the storm outside!

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^ 2pm: Bundled up to brave the storm outside!

Yay Andrew is here!

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^ 3pm: Yay Andrew is here!

Making good progress with my puppy sweater!

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^ 5pm: Making good progress with my puppy sweater!

Dinner time! 🙂

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^ 7pm: Dinner time! 🙂

Dessert and Shortland Street feature episode! Good times 🙂

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^ 8pm: Dessert and Shortland Street feature episode! Good times 🙂

Cuddles with these cuties 🙂

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^ 9pm: Cuddles with these cuties 🙂

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Photo fun

Recently I read a post that had a photo that looked really vintage, and it turns out it’s pretty easy to do in Picasa.  After a bit of googling I found this site with more details of how to do it.  Basically, it’s suggested to get all the basic fixes out of the way, fix the shadows and highlights, and add saturation and soft focus.

Here’s a couple of photos I’ve played around with:

Photo One

Wall before

This was taken in a little photo shoot I needed for a class assignment where I had to create a CD cover.  It was a normal windy day in Wellington as you can tell by my crazy hair!

Wall after

I followed the suggested fixes but also added film grain to make it a bit more vintage, and did a bit of a retouch on the crazy hair!

Photo Two

Shoes before

This was taken on a weekend away at our beach house, Andrew and I had matching shoes!

Shoes after

Again I did the same fixes and added film grain, and also cropped out the jersey that was showing at the top of the photo.

Thanks to David Barnes for the tips – hopefully this means that the photos I put up from now on will look a little more professional!

Chiedo scusa!

I apologise for my blog absence – since July! I can’t believe it! I’m back home for a sneaky weekend getaway (perhaps not the greatest idea – lots of school work to finish in the next week…but its good to see the famiglia) so i’m going to take advantage of free internet to let you know what i’ve been up to, so expect a couple of new posts over the next couple of days.

To start with, here’s another photo montage of the last five months:

July-November montage

Top left – 4th of July party (July)
Top right – Vision College Tour choir (August)
Bottom row – Victoria’s 21st party (November), Tim Burton Tea Party (October), Mission Bay (September)

* * * * *

A sneak peek at what’s to come – there’s been reading, there’s been baking, there’s been knitting…

~Trina ~

No winter blues here!

Mid year break couldn’t have come at a better time – i’m definately enjoying my time off!  The weather at the start of the first week wasn’t the greatest, but we still managed to keep busy, and here are some photos to prove it.

4th of July party

Andrew arrived on the fourth of July, and as Becs has been in the States for the last couple of years for their celebrations, we thought it only fitting to throw one of our own!  (In the middle of winter, and minus the fireworks…) She did an amazing job of all the decorating and baking, and made us wear appropriate colours and silly hats. It was definately a fun night! She has more details and photos over on her blog.




Been busy knitting too

I’ve finished another two beanies, and have requests for another two – at least they don’t take too long to knit up.  Andrew was willing to do a bit more modelling for me while we were at the beach on the weekend, so here are the latest two:



I’ve also swatched and cast on for Audrey in Unst [Ravelry link].

Audrey in Unst

The twisted rib is knitting up suprisingly quickly – of the 36 rows I only have 18 to go.  The pattern is for a cropped cardigan, but I’m hoping to make it longer in length and with longer sleeves.  The yarn i’m using is Panda Heath, 50% wool and 50% acrylic, and its really nice to use, though it was a bit splitty to cast on with.

One last picture

I couldn’t resist posting this one up – my mum took it at the beach last weekend, we arrived just on sunset.  I love this beach!


~Trina ~

6 months of photos

So one of my goals this year was to take more photos…. haven’t really done so well on that so far! But I have managed to fit in a few, so here is a representation of my year so far in photos.

Photos Jan - June

Top row: May, February, April
Bottom row: June, Jan, March

Now I can do monthly ones for the rest of the year!

New blogs to read

Just a shout out to my sister, who has started a new blog, about all her baking adventures:


And she has put me onto this amazing baking blog, I can see myself lost in reading all her posts for days:


Remember the hat I made for Andrew? Well, his flatmates saw it on Facebook and asked for one as well! So another two to make.  AND then my sister saw me making one and asked for one too! So i’ll be busy making hats for a while.  Then i’m going to start on this gorgeous cardigan [Rav link].  Thank goodness its the holidays!

~Trina ~