About me

IMG_0042Welcome to Musical Butterfly, and thanks for stopping in!

I’m Trina, and I live with my husband in Wellington, New Zealand.  Both of us were born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and moved here in the early 90s – a year apart, though we didn’t meet until 2010!  We just got married in November 2013 – you can read more about our largely DIY wedding here.  Fun fact – this photo was taken just before I was proposed to!

So you can get to know me better, here are a few of my favourites:

Favourite author: Janet Evanovich! I have all the Stephanie Plum novels!
Favourite food: Mum’s spaghetti bolognase casserole
Favourite flower: Lillies
Favourite saying: “What a crock!” (Three men and a baby) or “Bad form!” (Hook)
Favourite part of the world: New York (I finally got to go in 2009!)
Favourite season: Summer.  Sun, all the way…

About Musical Butterfly

I started blogging at “Ballatrina’s Knitting (and other bits and bobs)” many years ago, to document my return to knitting – I decided to make baby jumpers for two new little members to my extended family.  That blog grew as my knitting got better, and I began dabbling in other crafts and hobbies.  When I decided to study music I felt it was time to move on from that and start a new adventure – thus Musical Butterfly was born!

The name comes from two of my favourite things at the time, and worked as an illustration of my transforming into something new.  It now seems fitting as I ‘flit from hobby to hobby with a song in my head’!

Musical Butterfly has become a broader hobby blog, which seeks to inspire and be inspired.  

DIY is my passion, and I’m constantly thinking of other ways to use everyday things – and I blog about it because I want to share that with you!  A lot of my crafts feature recycled materials or things I’ve got for a bargain at second hand and discount shops, or are DIY versions of more expensive things, as we don’t have a lot of money to throw around, and I hate seeing things go to waste.  I usually start a craft project by finding a material I want to work with, and then trawling Pinterest for inspiration with what to make!  My wish is that I can pass on that inspiration to you.

Thanks again for visiting!  If you have any ideas of things to make, please let me know any time
– let’s share the inspiration around!

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