Brownie in a mug!

As I was browsing Pinterest one night after dinner, I came across this pin, and it looked too delicious to resist!  You just put all the dry ingredients in a mug, add the water and oil, mix it up and cook it in the microwave for a minute or so!

Brownie in a Mug

(excuse my cellphone photos, I was too excited to find my camera!)

End result: a little undercooked, therefore deliciously gooey, at the very bottom, but overall – a great success! Definitely one to make again.  Its great that you can make single serves.  Super tasty with French Vanilla ice-cream!

Brownie in a Mug!

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Goodies in the mail!

I love it when I get things in the mail – it happens so rarely!  Sitting on my couch the other day I heard a bang outside and what could have been a knock on my door.  When I looked out to check I found a courier envelope on the doorstep with all this inside…

Goodies in the mail!

It was a birthday swap package from Ozduchess from Ravelry! It was supposed to be part of a bigger swap, but as I missed the dates we just decided to do our own mini one.

I’m not sure if they project bags are handmade, but the butterfly fabric is beautiful.  And Cadbury Easter eggs all for me!  My favourite part though is the ball of Bendigo Mills yarn, which is a deep purple colour – I’ve been dying to try their yarn for a long time! Thanks heaps Ozduchess 🙂

To come…

I’ve been making something out of this blob of unidentified yarn:

Unknown blob - before

I don’t know whether its acrylic or wool, or even what weight it is.  I got it from Italy in another swap a few years ago, and its been sitting there since then waiting for the perfect project.  Its nearly finished – I’ve just been continuing with it until I ran out of the yarn – so completed photos to come soon!