Homemade Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeve

I recently got a new laptop – yay! Because I only had a big padded backpack to carry it around in, I started looking around for a slip cover for it, something a bit more compact. Sadly, the stores only had 12-13″ and 15-16″ cases – and my laptop is 14″! Of course, this got my crafty wheels moving, so after much thinking and trial and error I came up with this.

Laptop sleeve

Originally it was just black quilting fabric, but I wanted it a bit more sturdy, so I found this thicker almost felt fabric to cover it with.  Then came the decorating part! I used a couple of quilting pre-cut pieces on the front and the back, with the front one being a little pocket, and embellished that with an iron-on butterfly I got for my birthday (in amongst a whole box of buttons, all hand-picked – talk about lucky me!!).

Laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeve

The part that took the longest was figuring out some way of keeping it closed.  My original idea was some way of folding the top so it wouldn’t need any other closure, but the fabric was too tight for that.  Idea number two was using some magnetic closures I bought a while ago, but I realised they were at my parents house and I was too impatient to wait for them to send it to me! So I went with idea number three – winding string around buttons, like a vintage envelope.  Love it!

Laptop sleeve

Also – it doubles as a mat for when its sitting on my lap, because it gets pretty hot.

Laptop sleeve

I really love the black stitching on the cream fabric, it adds to the vintage feel of it.  The only other thing I would do to it is find some kind of binding for the sides, so the quilting doesn’t show, but in the meantime it works!


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