6 months later…

So, i’m not going to make excuses for not posting for ages, because I knew this would happen!  But, now that I have some real free time, I think you deserve an update.  So much has happened since my last post!  I’m going to break it down into sections so I don’t miss anything out…


I’m now at the end of my first semester, with two exams to go until holidays.  Exams so far haven’t been as bad as I had expected them to be, thank goodness!

I have an amazing new boyfriend, Andrew,  who is SO much fun to hang out with 🙂

Trina and Andrew

I’m going back home for the holidays (bringing the boyfriend with me) and it will be great to see my family again.  Sadly though, minus one – my dog, who was diagnosed with cancer eight months ago, had to be put down last week 😦 A very sad time, and very hard to be away from it all.

Other than that, things are going well.  I’ve been boarding with some friends for the last few months and am in the process of finding my own place to live – which means packing up and moving again, but i’m getting used to that!

I’m blessed to be surrounded by awesome people all the time 🙂


I haven’t really had alot of time to read novels, only books that i’ve had to do chapter summaries for! But i’ve managed to fit a couple in, in what little free time I found:

READ:  Darkest Fear by Harlen Coben he’s one of my favourite authors, and his stories about Myron Bolitar, PI turned sports rep, are always entertaining.

READ:  Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich – my top author – highly HIGHLY recommended if you love a quick lighthearted read.  This is an in-between novel, taking a break from the regular adventures of Stephanie Plum.  Very funny story about a bounty hunter.

READING:  Jack and Jill by James Patterson – the first of his Alex Cross stories that i’ve read – not my favourite one, its taking a bit to hold my attention, but still his usual brilliant writing style.  I love a good (slightly scary at times) crime drama

TO READ: The short second life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer – the new novel by Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame.  I’m super excited about reading this one – its going to be my reward for finishing exams!!

Anyone have any other good authors I should be reading? I’m always open to suggestions!

last but not least, Knitting!

About a month ago I had a major spurt of knitting, but that wave seems to have passed.  I can feel the itch coming on again though, so thank goodness holidays are coming up – and I have a need for some bright colour to liven up the dull winter days we seem to be getting quite often!

In the meantime i’m still working on the Log Cabin Blanket.  The plan is to carry on knitting until I run out of the yarn I have, and with another 5 balls to go, its going to be a decent size.  At the moment its a good lap size, very nice to knit under on cold nights.  I’ve put the DVD there so you can gauge the size so far.  (Julie and Julia is a fantastic movie, HIGHLY recommended if you haven’t seen it! That’s what prompted me to blog again after all this time!)

Log cabin blanket, stage 2

Over the holidays I hope to make a beanie for Andrew, and some colourful handwarmers for me – something I can wear first thing in the morning driving to class in the frost!

Well I think that’s enough of an update for now! I promise it won’t be another six months before we speak again 🙂

~Trina ~


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