Photo fun

Recently I read a post that had a photo that looked really vintage, and it turns out it’s pretty easy to do in Picasa.  After a bit of googling I found this site with more details of how to do it.  Basically, it’s suggested to get all the basic fixes out of the way, fix the shadows and highlights, and add saturation and soft focus.

Here’s a couple of photos I’ve played around with:

Photo One

Wall before

This was taken in a little photo shoot I needed for a class assignment where I had to create a CD cover.  It was a normal windy day in Wellington as you can tell by my crazy hair!

Wall after

I followed the suggested fixes but also added film grain to make it a bit more vintage, and did a bit of a retouch on the crazy hair!

Photo Two

Shoes before

This was taken on a weekend away at our beach house, Andrew and I had matching shoes!

Shoes after

Again I did the same fixes and added film grain, and also cropped out the jersey that was showing at the top of the photo.

Thanks to David Barnes for the tips – hopefully this means that the photos I put up from now on will look a little more professional!


9 thoughts on “Photo fun

  1. Hey chicklet 🙂 I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award – BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!! Go get the badge from my blog, and go onwards with the required tasks!

    Miss you xx

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