FO: Puppy Jumper

As promised, here are some more photos of our little puppy Eva in her new knitted jumper!  As requested, it was made to match the favourite footy team – although it will really just help us see her when she’s wandering around in the dark!  The pattern I used was BucaLicious Sweater by Machelle Salmeen, and my project page is here.  I ended up making the collar about half as long as the pattern suggested, otherwise she’d just eat it!


So… taking photos of a fidgety puppy, especially one who isn’t used to wearing anything, proved a challenge, as seen in these blurry attempts!


Magic mum’s touch was what we needed…


As soon as we let her go she did in fact start to chew on the collar because she was in a biting phase, so we had to take it off her.  Maybe when she’s out of that phase we’ll try again!

And just because it’s cute… all this modelling and photography proved too much for everyone, so nap time was in order!




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