I may be a little late off the mark, but happy new year!  My friends are calling 2013 “the year of change”, and it seems like that will apply to me as well.

Before I explain more, I want recap 2012:

Musical Butterfly - 2012 craftsTop row: T-shirt market bag, laptop sleeve, crochet blankets, origami flowers

Bottom row: iPad sleeve, balaclava, butterfly tunic, February Lady Sweater

(Check out previous year’s round ups here)

As well as all this craftiness, I’ve also managed to read (at least) 20 books, and it also looks like I’m becoming a bit of a foodie!

As for blogging, my top five posts from 2012 were Origami flowers, DIY Jewellery Cleaner, Apple-Cinnamon Pancake Muffins, The story of the proposal, and FO: February Lady Sweater.

εїз  –  εїз   –  εїз 

Although 2012 was quite a big year for me, I have a feeling 2013 will be even better. I turn 28 this year, I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Music in March, AND I’m getting married in 292 days! (Be prepared for DIY wedding ideas popping up in a little while as I slowly get things ready).  I’m also using this time to change my personal style, which I may also show off from time to time.  This has meant a giant clean-out of my old clothes – I already have 5 rubbish bags ready to go to the Salvation Army!

In the short term, things will remain the same – I have a couple of new crafts to show you, as well as a few new books I picked up over Christmas.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂



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