My Year in Photos: 7 Feb – 23 March

My Year in Photos: 7 Feb - 23 March

Clockwise from the top:
17 Feb – Andrew playing Roman dress-up
13 Mar – Sunset
15 Feb – Happy Valentines Day!
21 Feb – Happy EPs! I survived my first day at Max, and Andrew got a kitchen job!
13 Mar – Think its time for some new #chucks…
23 Mar – Shame my phone can’t pick up the beautiful red colours, it was prettier in person
17 Feb – Checking out Roman machines at the museum with two of my favourite people
12 Mar – Perfect roasted chicken and vegetables
7 Feb – Yep, so this pretty much sums up our day!
15 Feb – All good road trips begin with a stop at the golden arches…

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My Year in Photos: Jan 1-12


Jan 1 – Beautiful Auckland sunset to kick off the New Year!
Jan 2 – Busy day at Mission Bay beach
Jan 3 – Best way to spend a windy day inside!
Jan 4 – Relaxing at the park by the beach 🙂
Jan 5 – My view for the day 🙂 love lazy Sundays!
Jan 6 – Not a cloud in the sky today! No filter needed for this one…
Jan 7 – Hello from Bay of Islands! Off on an overnight cruise, an early birthday present from my husband ❤
Jan 8 – Sunrise in Orokawa Bay
Jan 9 – Penguins!
Jan 10 – On a tour of where husband grew up, starting with one of the houses he used to live in!
Jan 11 – Road trip to the Tron
Jan 12 – Stealing kitten cuddles!

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