Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Wow, so I haven’t blogged since March! I make no apologies, I knew that would probably happen towards the end of the semester! Since then I’ve had a great family trip for Easter with Becs and her new fiancé, enjoyed our engagement party (future FIL wrote us a song – view a video snippet here!) AND got through end of semester exams successfully! Now its the holidays again, so I have more time to post about my crafty side.  Expect more regular posts over the next couple of weeks!

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At the start of the year a friend posted an idea on Facebook:

“Pay it forward in 2012 … I promise to make something handmade for the 1st 5 people who comment below. The rules are: 1) They must also post this status & make something for the 1st 5 people who post comments on their status; (please remember to tag me in a the post, or comment so I know that you’ve done it!) and 2) it must be made and received before the end of 2012”

I thought I would join in, because for some reason I THOUGHT I would have time for it…  I had three replies to my comment, and over Easter I finally finished the first of the projects! This was by special request; the recipient got a new iPad and wanted a nice padded cover for it.  After searching for some patterns I fell in love with this one for a laptop sleeve.  I had to make some adjustments to get the right size, but that was relatively easy.  Overall it took about a week to make; it was a little time consuming because you have to cable every stitch! The effect is great though, I’ll definitely be using this stitch pattern again.

Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Link to project and pattern on Ravelry

Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Woven envelope iPad sleeve

Also on the needles:

I recently made a balaclava for fiancé to wear on his new scooter! Just a couple of little finishing touches before its finished, although he’s wearing it already because its so cold.  I’m also still working on his cricket vest (it was supposed to be for this season… oh well, always next season!) – photos to come.


3 thoughts on “Woven envelope iPad sleeve

  1. awesome Tina! I have just got an Android Tablet and might check the pattern out. Ravelry is fun eh? 🙂

    • Thanks Bronwyn! Yeah its a really great pattern, the cover is really thick so it should provide really good protection. I found the dimensions from looking up the Apple website then working out the gauge!
      Ravelry is definitely very fun, although I don’t get to use it as much these days as I would like.

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