Happy Blogiversary!

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you for the last couple of months, but I couldn’t let this week end without celebrating our five year anniversary!  Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

ballatrina banner
The original Ballatrina’s Knitting blog header

With my first post in May 2008, I announced my new blog “Ballatrina’s Knitting and Other Bits and Bobs”, which would be used to document my entry back into the world of knitting.  Although there were a few disasters in the beginning, my knitting came a long way in a short time.  As well as my knitting progress, we also shared some big life moments, as well as a few new flats, which also helped uncover just how much my yarn stash had grown in a few months!

misc 001
The knitting project that inspired it all!

Over time we also talked about books, and then sewing, and then a tour of local restaurants under the title “Monday Meal Madness” (interesting aside – the guy who used to meet me for dinner in these excursions was at the time a fellow youth leader – and he’s now my brother-in-law!).  Ballatrina’s Knitting continued documenting my crafting, reading and eating until November 2009, when I made the decision to hand in my resignation at work, and make the move north to further my studies.

Blog head March13
The latest version of the Musical Butterfly blog header

It was at this time that I thought the ol’ blog better grow up a little too, so we left Ballatrina’s Knitting, and started up with Musical Butterfly.  Using a new platform, we planned to continue with similar content, but also document the trials and tribulations of being a student in their mid 20s.  What ended up happening was less posting (with an increase of assignments, practise sessions and exam prep!) and while it took a little while to settle into what this Musical Butterfly would become, there were good times along the way – including falling in love! (While we are celebrating our five years together, Andrew and I are celebrating our three years together – and 171 days until our big day!).

My first FO while studying – and Andrew’s first appearance as a model!

Both crafting and reading have continued, but since I no longer had time for Monday Meal Madness – and I’d left my eating buddy in another city – the new ‘Foods’ section was born, as I tried out all kinds of new recipes while discovering a love of cooking.  Our next venture together – planning a wedding!  I’ve also taken a liking to reading style and fashion blogs as I work out my personal style while transitioning into this next stage of my life, so there may be a bit of that popping up too.

Happy 5 years, blog!  Looking forward to discovering what the next five years will look like!

Trina xo

PS: Thanks to those who have joined us along the way, your support has been much appreciated 🙂



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