On the nightstand… April-June

With study being so busy over the last couple of months, I have regularly fallen into bed and gone straight to sleep.  Some nights though, I’ve needed something to take my mind of assignments, so I’ve managed to get through a few more books.  Now that’s its holidays I’ve just started on another couple too.

Latest books I've read

‘Explosive Eighteen’ by Janet Evanovich

One of my favourite authors ever!  I love the tangle between Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger at the start of the book, and the way that Stephanie can seem to stay on everyone’s good side – even the fake FBI agents who are after her!  Definitely one to read if you have read some of the others in the series; it may be a bit confusing otherwise.

‘Alex Cross’s Trial’ by James Patterson

Another one of my favourite authors.  This is a really interesting story, not told by Alex Cross, but based on a story that his grandmother used to tell him.  It revolves around a trial set at the time of lynchings in the deep south, and the rules of segregation there.  I thought it was relevant to read, since we’d just been studying that kind of thing in my History of Blues and Jazz class – the day after I started reading it we listened to Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday on the same subject! (Amazing imagery in that song by the way…)

‘Olivia’ by Tim Ewbank

I spotted this in a book store in Melbourne a few years ago, but it was out of my price range, so I left it -but never forgot about it, I’m a big fan of Olivia Newton-John.  Much to my amazement I came across it at a book clearance store down the road from my house – a bargain at just $5!!  A great book, some really interesting information on her background, both personally and professionally.  I like reading about behind the scenes stuff from my favourite movies – for the record, I think Grease is the greatest movie ever!

‘And Furthermore’ by Judi Dench

A similar book as above – and also a bargain from the same clearance store! Although it took me a while to get through it, I laughed a lot – she’s such a funny lady, and pulls pranks on people in the theatre a lot! A great insight into her career, especially if you’re a fan of her movies. (I just realised I cut off her head in the photo – how awful!)

‘The Power of a Praying Wife’ by Stormie O’Martian

This, and its partner ‘The Power of a Praying Husband’ were engagement presents to us from friends from church.  I just started reading this, and it seems like it will help our relationship a lot.  There are different chapters in the book associated with different areas to pray for as needed, rather than a book to just read from start to finish.

‘Unchain my Heart’ by Andiee Paviour

Just started reading this one too – really interesting so far.  Its the true story of a lady whose son got abducted by her ex-husband, the boy’s father, back in 1990, and she hasn’t been able to see him since.  Quite close to home, since it’s set in Australia, and her son would be the same age as me now…. I can’t wait to find out what happened!

Who else is reading an interesting book at the moment?


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