FO: Audrey in Unst cardigan

Finally finished my cardigan! And I love it! I’ve already worn it three times, even though I haven’t blocked it properly yet.  Its really warm, and fits really snuggly.

Audrey in Unst

Started: 10 July 2010
Finished: 14 July 2011
Pattern: Audrey in Unst [Rav Link]
Yarn: Panda Heath in Teal

Modifications: I lengthened it by a couple of inches so it fits around the hips, and I used only one size needles for the whole thing because I didn’t have anything smaller.

Audrey in Unst - bib

Audrey in Unst - Sleeve

Audrey in Unst - ribbing

The only downside of this pattern is the armholes, which are a little too big for me even though I followed the pattern exactly for that part, and the neckline is a little wide.  However the technique for the set-in sleeves using short row shaping is awesome and super easy! I love the detail of the twisted ribbing.


I tried a new technique on my hair last night, and it worked really well.  Its a way to curl it without using a hair curler.  I think i’ll have to practice it a bit more to get it to work out better, but it looks great from the front.  Sadly the curls in the back have already started falling out – I need to put a little more product in the back next time!

Curly hair!


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