Reading-in-bed shrug

Reading-in-bed shrug

I’ve had this in my queue for a while, and luckily it took less than a month to knit, using yarn I already had in my stash.  The travelling lace pattern was easily memorised, making for mindless TV knitting.  I think I made a mistake with the ribbing on the cuffs though – one seems longer than the other – but its not really noticeable.

Reading-in-bed shrug

Pattern: Reading-in-bed shrug [free pattern – Rav link]
Yarn: Moda Vera Jaclyn

Modifications: I made it longer so the sleeves are 3/4 length, a total of 18 pattern repeats.  I also added buttons instead of seaming so that it can be worn a few different ways.

I made a matching hat for it too, but Becs snaffled that up about an hour after it came off the needles, so I need to make another one for myself!


5 thoughts on “Reading-in-bed shrug

  1. Thanks for positively using proper grammar. Practically all sites were absolute gibberish. Astonishing website & writing skills. You my friend have Talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

    • Thanks Susan! I haven’t really had a chance to wear it as a shrug yet, the weather is getting too cold, so hopefully i’ll be able to wear it as a scarf 🙂

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