From Grisham to Rowling

A few weeks ago I started reading ‘Runaway Jury’ by John Grisham.  I’ve seen many of his book-to-movies and really enjoyed them so I thought I’d give one of the books a go.  Sadly, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as I thought it was going to be – I couldn’t even finish it! Yesterday morning I decided to give up just over halfway through the book.  In the story they were only three weeks into the litigation with no sign of anything coming to an end any time soon, and I just wasn’t getting into the whole legal jargon enough to keep me hooked. 

I’ve since moved on to the Harry Potter series – I’ve been told its a crime to not have read all the books! I only have limited time these days to read for recreation so I figured it was better spent reading something I’d actually enjoy.

Has anyone read ‘Runaway Jury’? Is it worth sticking it out? Did I just pick up a dud John Grisham the first time? Or am I better to stay buried in Hogwarts for a while?


6 thoughts on “From Grisham to Rowling

  1. Definitely go for Hogwarts! Just allow yourself to be engrossed in a world of Magic, Adventure, Mystery, Romance and more! You will Not regret it! Trust me 🙂 xx

    • Sweet! Its definately a nice change before I go to sleep to read a couple of chapters and bury myself in Hogwarts after reading uni stuff all day! Thanks for lending them to me 🙂 xx

  2. Ooh ooh! I’ve read Runaway Jury I think… summarise for me? I’ve never read any Harry Potter, depressingly, I shall look forward to hearing what they’re like 🙂 xxx

    • The movie is different to the book – in the movie some guy gets shot and they take the gun company to court – good movie, I have it on DVD – but in the book some guy dies of lung cancer and they take the tobacco company to court! Basically the tobacco company tries to buy the jury’s verdict in their favour by getting alongside juror’s family and corrupting them.

      Harry Potter is really good so far, totally light and fluffy in comparison but its nice reading something easy for a change 🙂 xoxox

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