The story of Molly

Once upon a time…

I first saw Molly on this post at Craft Tuesday – I loved the job she did on her slouchy beanie, and wanted to make one myself! I’m not a giant fan of cables, I just can’t be bothered really, but I liked the combination of the waffle-looking stitch and the horseshoe cable, and it was too much to resist.  Since I liked Crafty Tuesday’s one so much I did the same modifications as her – used 8ply yarn instead of 10ply, and 4.5mm needles instead of 4mm, as well as only 15 pattern repeats instead of 18.

I cast on smoothly (after a few counting issues… I should have picked up from that that it was going to be an unlucky project!) then used a twisted rib band.  After a day of knitting the main section I thought it was getting little big, but I tried it on a couple of times while I was knitting (yes it looked hilarious, but no, I didn’t take photos of that bit!) and it wasn’t that bad, so I didn’t think anything of it.  When I finally got to the decrease section I knew something was wrong, but figured that with a bit of a wash and some blocking it would settle down.

But… no!

Blocking only made the situation worse – it grew to gigantic proportions! Still thinking on the positive side, I thought I would throw it in a hot dryer for a while to shrink it down.  Alas, that simply made it warm and cuddly, and made me even more disappointed that I couldn’t wear it as a beanie because the  fabric came out so beautifully!

So, here’s the picture of the finished object that you’ve all been waiting to see:

Failed Molly hat

Never fear!

The power of positive thinking is still on my side! I’ve decided to fix the project – not pull the whole thing apart and start again as some have suggested – i’m going to frog it back to before the start of the decrease section, maybe knit another few rows of the pattern, and then do another twisted rib band, to turn it into a cowl!  Hopefully this will lead to…

Happily ever after 🙂

Watch this space…

*** Here’s the Ravelry link if you want to have your own Molly adventure! ***


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