Polka dot apron

*Warning – lots of photos ahead!*

Becs said to me a few months ago “I want you to make me this for Christmas, but with cupcakes as well”, and showed me this:


And so the challenge was made! After days of sewing and hand-embroidering, here’s the final result:

Bec's apron

One red polka dot apron, complete with cupcakes AND red trimmed lace!

Bec's apron

Bec's apron

The hand embroidery came in with the applique cupcakes on the bib and pockets

Bec's apron

Bec's apron

Not bad for my first from-scratch apron, and without a pattern!  I just used an existing apron that I liked to get the right length for the bib and skirt and followed my nose from there.

The happy recipient 🙂

Apron in action

Stay tuned for more crafty goodness!





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