A bit behind…

It seems recently the movies i’ve been watching are all from last year or the start of this year.  I watched Duplicity last week (GREAT movie, loved it!), i’ll be watching Old Dogs later today (i’m a big John Travolta fan) and last night I finally watched Avatar.  Nearly everyone I know went to see this at the movies, some twice, and still I didn’t make it.  I’m sure it would have been amazing on the big screen, but I still really enjoyed it on the tv.  The effects were amazing, the colours were brilliant (especially on the horsey things they were flying!), and the detail of everything from the veins on their hands to the roots of the trees was super impressive!  It must have been a big feat to create a whole new civilization with a new language, but James Cameron pulled it off really really well.  On top of that, the acting was awesome – it wasn’t until I looked it up on IMDB.com that I realised that the lead female was Zoe Saldana! I first saw her in Centre Stage, and boy has she come a long way since then!  I also thought it was very brave of Sigourney Weaver to come out almost naked at the end of the movie.

So after enjoying the movie so much, I started thinking about all the makeup it took to turn them into Avatar, and decided to try it out myself.  What do you think?

Here’s the site I used, where you can also see ‘me’ moving around like an Avatar, and you can turn yourself into one too – just guess your way through the German instructions like I did 🙂

If you haven’t seen it i’d highly recommend it!

PS – Check out the trailer for the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie! So excited for this one coming out!

~Trina ~

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