Quite the little book worm

I’m using the holidays to catch up on my reading, since one of my goals this year was to read more novels.  It just so happens that this post is about three of my all-time favourite authors.

Just read

The short second life of Bree Tanner: an Eclipse novella [buy from Fishpond]

Read: Bree TannerAuthor: Stephenie Meyer
Started: 29 June 2010
Finished: 10 July 2010

Who you were going to hunt was the kind of decision you had to make before you scented your prey.  It was too late now to choose anything.

From the same author as the Twilight Saga, based on one of the newbie vampires mentioned in the third book ‘Eclipse’.  I really enjoyed this story – perhaps not as much as the actual saga, but it was good to read at least the start of it before watching the movie Eclipse, to have a bit of background from another angle.  Being a novella its a nice short book, didn’t take too long to read.  Definately recommended if you love the other Twilight books!

Now reading

False Memory [buy from Fishpond]

Reading: False Memory
Author: Dean Koontz
Started: 13 July 2010

One morning, Martie experiences a brief, irrational but disquieting fear of… her shadow.  When autophobia – one of the rarest and more intriguing phobias known to psychology – is diagnosed, suddenly, radically her life changes, and the future looks dark.

I borrowed this book off a friend and read it ages ago, so I was super pleased when I found a copy at my favourite second hand book shop.  Turns out I don’t remember any of the story, so its like reading it again for the first time!  I really enjoy Dean Koontz’ writing though, so i’m sure it will be great.

To read

I just came across Janet Evanovich’s new Stephanie Plum novel – Sizzling Sixteen – so that’s on my pile to read next, followed by a couple of books by Frank Peretti.

~ ~ ~ ~

What are you reading at the moment? Any recommendations for me?

~Trina ~


6 thoughts on “Quite the little book worm

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  2. I just love getting lost in a good book. I’ve just finished reading a book called The Passage by Justin Cronin and, OMG, I LOVED it. It’s a huge, epic saga. The best kind of book 🙂

  3. Well.. it’s kind of post-apolocalyptic-vampire-ish.

    Government experiment gone wrong, virus unleashed on the world that turns people into blood drinking zombies, the survivors set about conquering evil… ok, the synopsis makes this book sound like an awful cliche but, seriously, it is original and it is awesome.

    And it is HUGE. One mother-flippin heck of a book.

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