No winter blues here!

Mid year break couldn’t have come at a better time – i’m definately enjoying my time off!  The weather at the start of the first week wasn’t the greatest, but we still managed to keep busy, and here are some photos to prove it.

4th of July party

Andrew arrived on the fourth of July, and as Becs has been in the States for the last couple of years for their celebrations, we thought it only fitting to throw one of our own!  (In the middle of winter, and minus the fireworks…) She did an amazing job of all the decorating and baking, and made us wear appropriate colours and silly hats. It was definately a fun night! She has more details and photos over on her blog.




Been busy knitting too

I’ve finished another two beanies, and have requests for another two – at least they don’t take too long to knit up.  Andrew was willing to do a bit more modelling for me while we were at the beach on the weekend, so here are the latest two:



I’ve also swatched and cast on for Audrey in Unst [Ravelry link].

Audrey in Unst

The twisted rib is knitting up suprisingly quickly – of the 36 rows I only have 18 to go.  The pattern is for a cropped cardigan, but I’m hoping to make it longer in length and with longer sleeves.  The yarn i’m using is Panda Heath, 50% wool and 50% acrylic, and its really nice to use, though it was a bit splitty to cast on with.

One last picture

I couldn’t resist posting this one up – my mum took it at the beach last weekend, we arrived just on sunset.  I love this beach!


~Trina ~


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