6 months of photos

So one of my goals this year was to take more photos…. haven’t really done so well on that so far! But I have managed to fit in a few, so here is a representation of my year so far in photos.

Photos Jan - June

Top row: May, February, April
Bottom row: June, Jan, March

Now I can do monthly ones for the rest of the year!

New blogs to read

Just a shout out to my sister, who has started a new blog, about all her baking adventures:


And she has put me onto this amazing baking blog, I can see myself lost in reading all her posts for days:



Remember the hat I made for Andrew? Well, his flatmates saw it on Facebook and asked for one as well! So another two to make.  AND then my sister saw me making one and asked for one too! So i’ll be busy making hats for a while.  Then i’m going to start on this gorgeous cardigan [Rav link].  Thank goodness its the holidays!

~Trina ~


4 thoughts on “6 months of photos

    • I will – I swatched for it last night, I’m hoping to cast on later today! I need 3.5mms for the body of the cardigan – did you know you can’t buy them anywhere in Wellington????

  1. Nice pictures! I’m getting ready to start my own picture taking adventure…Take a picture a day for 30 days. Not sure I will be able to blog about it daily on my photog blog, but it will be nice to get a daily dose of practice.

    I like that cardigan! Thanks for providing the link. 😉

    How long is your holiday?

    Happy Knitting!

    • Thanks! You could always do a mosaic or something at the end of your 30 days, to show them all off at once?
      My classes start back again next week, i’m driving back up north later this week to move into another new flat before getting back into it.

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