Let me introduce you!

My first full week of study is over, and it went really well.  So far the tutors are still ‘holding our hands’ a little, and that will change soon enough, but its nice to ease into it after not studying for so long.  I’d really enjoying the variety of courses – like choir, music production and western music history – every day is a real mix.  And the people are really friendly!

I’m getting used to flatting life again too, and I thought i’d share a few pics of what my little place looks like…
This is it from the outside.  On the left is where it joins to the main house, but you can see where I have my own entrance.
Living area
The main living area, with my desk along the back wall, little eating area on the left and music area on the right with my guitars and keyboard.
My bedroom – the door on the left leads through to the bathroom and the main house.

That’s it! Small but functional.  And its only a 10 minute drive to uni and 20ish minutes to the main shopping centre – my driving skills are improving!

If you look really close at the bottom right hand corner of the second picture you can see my latest craft project – a log cabin blanket, knitted in the yarn I… uh… recycled from my first Coachella.  I still have another 10 or so balls left, so i’ll keep going until I run out.  I’ll put up a decent photo when you can see what its really going to look like, its a bit funny at the moment…

~Trina ~


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